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    Xi’an Chuanglian Photovoltaic New Material Co.,Ltd was founded in 1998, and located in Electronic Engineering Industrial Park, Xi'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone. Chuanglian Electronic Component(Group)Co.,Ltd is the dominating share holding company
    of Xi'an Chuanglian Photovoltaic New Material Co., Ltd. Chuanglian Electronic Component(Group) Co.,Ltd is SOE company.

    Xi’an Chuanglian Photovoltaic New Material Co., Ltd has always committed to research, development to improve quality. With Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Naneterials in U.S.A, NANOMSE in Korea, Agpro Technology Co., Ltd in Taiwan
    establishing a good strategic partnership.

    With its broad portfolio in photovoltaic materials and electronic materials products, Xi’an Chuanglian Photovoltaic New Material Co., Ltd provides one-stop shopping for a comprehensive range of products. We possess powerful technical strength and extensive
    customer base. Acting the sales agent and cooperative R & D partner, we sales the world-class solar cell paste.

    Copyright (c) Xi'an ChuangLian Photovoltaic New Material Co.,LTD. All Right Reserved.
    TEL: 029-88228657 FAX: 029-88228591
    POST:710065 E-mail:clgd1998@163.com
    China ICP Code:09014573